About Hervy Guitar

Hervy, as you might have guessed, came from the name of of the two founders. The prefix of last name and the first name sufix of the first founder and the second respectively. Well, yes, the Vy was supposed to be Vi, but that’s the only change to make it as brand that we are working on to be known as great guitar.

To the extend of crafting one that suits each one of them, to feel it as natural as possible, as if it’s extension of the body.

Started with dissatisfaction with most guitars available in the market, a lead guitarist, Engkan Herikan, started to experiment in crafting one. After numerous attempts in the past years, He created two perfect guitars to his imagination and perfection. Each with unique type, as well as soul. And as of today, any guitarist tried the guitar always come back with amazement.

Yes, the soul of the guitar. 

That’s what Hervy guitar is all about. The soul that need to be created, discovered and tuned through details and Engkan’s direct involvement. His direct touch from the design to the finishing proven to be the key of ‘living’ guitar our customer is looking for. More than just the shape or the sound. There’s more than those two factors in a great guitar.

Come, witness, or even test it yourself. It’s harder to describe it on writing, trying Hervy guitar would be the best way to appreciate the quality produced here.

About The Founder

Engkan Herikan

The first guitar skill he picked up wasn’t the chords, but interlude. He didn’t learn using the acoustic guitar for long either. He started at the age of 10 with the acoustic but not for long. He fell in love with electric guitar the first time he had the chance a few months later. That was a huge jump that brought him to be the guitarist champion in the city he was born, Banten, in late 1990 in the city’s annual musical competition. Since then, the sky was his limit.

In view of looking higher skill and audience, he roamed around Bandung for years before settling down in Jakarta. In between he demonstrated his potential as the lead guitarist in a band group called Anima, self-authored the song ‘Bintang’ meant for his wife to be, Arivia. It immediately hit the top chart in the country.

The long journey from his first encounter with electrical guitar till he settled down with his wife in Jakarta had proven in improving his skill with guitar. Not only how to play it though. His interest, curiosity and persistence in finding better guitar exposed him to also how to make guitar from sketch to the finishing, ready to use guitar.  With years of attempts, today he performs using guitars he produces himself. And every guitarist would find his fantastic ones. Every one of them, none fails him.

It was indeed his true love and passion in electric guitar almost in all his life, both in playing and producing, Hervy Guitar was then founded, to market his high standard for great guitar from every aspects anyone could think of.

Arivia N. Amanda

Arivia’s natural entrepreneurship started when she was studying Information Management, Computer University of Indonesia. She was already running her own business and also a manager in a label company. A boutique and also a manager of Anima, a band group in which Engkan was the lead guitarist she chose.

In fact after graduated, her entrepreneurship and interests spanned across a number of areas. From small businesses, marketing role, a model, an artist, as well as artist manager, and a runner of an event organizer, while keeping her IT skill as her advantage in managing the whole activities. Exploring everything possible within her reach and opportunity to get as much as exposure her talent and true passion

Everything before finally realized her true passion : Music.

Here she settles herself in. Along the way there were a few more role she did for independent films and movies, but her soul found Music as home. Her wide exposure various areas and her IT background help her in her communication and work efficiently in marketing and operation. The key role which plays very important role as in building the corporate structure and culture in Hervy Guitar. And her natural ability in bridging the gap  and balancing between the backend activities i.e. the production, etc. and the frontend i.e. sales, marketing, investor relation, etc. 

Lukman W. Kusuma

Came from entirely different industry, Telecommunication, Lukman brought his regional experience to the team. He lives overseas after graduated from University of Indonesia in 1998, bachelor in Electrical Engineering. Since then the regional works exposed him with the international corporation, both internal and external. From operation, engineering, marketing and sales.

The wide exposure for about 20 years brought him back to start something new, but still within his passion in art in a wider context. The event that connected him and the other founders was certainly music but not for business. Within a few months after the first encounter, through seeing and listening to them, he decided to fill the others’ gaps having an aspiration in forming Hervy Guitar as a business.

Together with Engkan and Arivia, the aim is to establish Hervy Guitar as the highest-standard and exotic guitar brand produced by the only guitarist in the country, talented in both producing and playing it.

His regional role and experience would be handy in gearing Hervy Guitar up, for the domestic market in Indonesia, as well as regional and international. Still within his passion in art and specifically music here, his role in the business and corporation made the team complete.

After all, nothing better than inventing business out of own passion. So work and business aren’t exactly just it, but a huge playground with plenty of room for creativity, flexibility and improvisation.